Stereo dual mono render to instrument?

I’d love the ability to render dual-mono stereo instruments from vsti’s that produce a slightly different sound each time the same note is played, but are still mono (such as algo basses) and was wondering if such a feature could be possible? Mojo bass creates a different tone when a string is played but is mono and it would be cool to create stereo basses from it.

I do such layerings from samples manually. Ofc a lot of work for each instrument.

My idea would be to just render the instrument twice, pan each render, then merge the instruments in the right way. Maybe that merger tool could already do it, though it is half-broken for 3.1 when it comes to mod sets and phrases, but disabling those in the tool makes merging samples/mappings work for me.

It would be a nice idea to make a dedicated tool for just this task. It could also automatically merge the mono samples to stereo ones with configurable crosstalk (aka width), or allow further tricks like supersaw-is detune layering sounds. Scripting api is open for such tricks. I do not know if it is possible to script trigger the instrument renderer…but it would definately possible to script the processing of several already rendered instruments, to merge them for example.

I must say though that for the dual mono width trick sometimes it depends on the material how well it works…for example, if certain phases and transients are misaligned between the samples, you might have problems or strong differences between the notes/samples that have different alignments. A percussive transient might seem to be coming from the sides because of the misalignment, and basses with off-phase frequencies might not sound optimal - even worse, when the properties (transient time and/or phases) are varying chaotically for each sample.