Stereo Expander Dsp's "mono" Preset

the stereo expander DSP’s mono preset kills all sound that is supposed to come out the left channel, and makes all the sound that is supposed to come out the right channel actually be sent out to both left and right.

is it supposed to utterly kill all the left?

for instance, i make a pattern with a clap in it on every row, on the odd rows i pan it full left, on the even rows i pan it full right.

if i listen to this pattern normally, i hear exactly what one would expect. lots of clapping where each one hops from left to right blhabbhlabahl.

if i add the stereo expander DSP to that track, or put it on the master, whatever, and i select the mono preset, i expected to hear all claps happen out of both speakers each time, but what i do hear is all of the L claps are totally skipped (the master VU meter does not show any effect from the L clap being played), and all the R claps come out both speakers (the master VU meter shows both LR receive sound).

this seems counterintuitive to me, so i’m wondering if i am simply misunderstanding the intended functionality of the ‘mono’ mode of the stereo expander dsp?