Stereo/mono Panning And Stereo Width?

Alright, so I understand what you do when you pan a sound… What I don’t understand is how it is handled.

First my assumptions:
Say we have a mono sample. Playing the sample centralized would put 50% of the sound on the right speaker, and 50% on the left, correct? Likewise, panning the sample to 25% to the left would yield 62.5% sound on the left speaker and 37.5% on the right?

How does this process handle a stereo sample? Is one of the fields gradually muted, or are they mixed together before being pushed either left or right? If I have a stereo sample with a square wave in the left channel and a sine in the right, would a hard pan Right play a sinous sound with no squareness? (I hope I make myself clear here.)

When it comes to the stereo width and the stereo expander, I have even less of a clue. It seems to me that I can never separate sounds enough using it; it seems to do nothing except add a slight “phase” effect to the sound when you slide it back and forth.

If I want to do “real” stereo separation I usually make a chain like this:

Track 01 => [effects] => SEND (keep signal) => Gainer (hardpan left)
Send 01 => [more effects] => Gainer (hardpan right)

This yields a result totally different from both the stereo width setting and the stereo expander-plugin, and I really have no clue as to why…

I’m a technical man. I like to know what I’m doing so please help me out here… throw me a bone as Dr. Evil would have said. :P

I don’t get it, is there something wrong with my questions? Are they too simple, or impossible to understand?

I’m sure this all is newbie-stuff for the more advanced members out there…

To be perfectly honest, I think the only one that would be able to answer your questions is taktik, as he knows the inner workings of the DSPs. I’ve always assumed that the stereo enhancer used phase delay to “widen” sound, but I’m not sure if that’s the case now with the added parameter. I often use MDA’s stereo enhancer because it’s got quite a few more options than the Renoise one, including modulation and such. As for panning, by best bet is that if it’s not leveraging percentages, then it’s probably simply using 100% on each channel at centre, then ramping down the appropriate channel linearly on each side.

hope this helps

Panning Law by Eddie Bazil (Zukan)

Stereo Widening Techniques by Eddie Bazil (Zukan)

It does, thanks a bunch :)