Stereo Sample Select Separate Channel

In a stereo sample you cannot mark a selection to only the left or right channel. Now, the left and right channel are selected both. Should be a nice addition to select the left or right channel only.

+1 again and again

YES, basic essential stuff

Yeah. We need better stuff like this.

yes yes and yes +1 :D

I am curious to why you need this, do you really have such bad samples, or am i missing some secret techniques?

There are lots of different thing you could use this for.

Fun stereo reversing tricks (snapped or not).
Stereo fading (left channel fade in, right channel fad out & vice versa).
Stereo rendering of dsp/vst effects (using the ‘fx’ button)

Cutting, copying channel parts and pasting this to new sample, to single out audio etc.

Stereo mode is already possible when it comes down to ‘draw-mode’, this makes me think it won’t be to hard to implement.

Thanks Jonas.

Stereo fading is not a bad idea.

For example - old jazz records contains interesting things on separate channels. A nice hat on left channel or awesome bass stab on right.