Stereochan - Destroy Everything


Thought I’d share this on here since I’ve been using Renoise for three years now without ever connecting to the community.
So yeah, here, electrotrash from germany.

Tell me what you think & thanks for listening!


holy o0 , awesome energy in this! replay

mix could use some touch-ups and the ending needs some work…

This track is amazing. I’ve been listening to this track over and over since you posted it and shared it with my friends on FB.

That first drop is ridiculously powerful :D. It would be nice if there was more variation throughout the duration though. A stronger melody to go with the banging-thrashing beautiful sound design would raise this track to much greater heights. Maybe you could work in another synth while following some counterpoint composition techniques to compliment the lead at 3.15?

Thanks for the kind replies!

I’ll work on it a bit more; any comments on the mastering?

I don’t actually know much about mastering myself, but I do know that when I tried a trial of Ozone 5 and played with the presets my tracks started sounding really good (on my list of plugins to buy when I have the money:) ). You could try it out (if you don’t already use it) and see what it can do for the track.

This concept is simply mindfucking. It’s a crazy crossover between a giant lanmower and a chainsaw, and with the-kind-of-riffs-I-like. I’m replaying it. Really cool, I’d like to hear more of your electrotrash. The only thing I should suggest, is that you should try to introduce several short breaks, somewhere in the 3rd part of your track, because even if you made your sound very harsh, distorted and agressive, my ears started to adapt their own reactivity to this huge sound… with short breaks, the impact of your sound will be constantly renewed and I will enjoy this sound even longer… that’s all this track needs but anyway, it’s nearly perfect as it is.

I can’t stop listening to this :D I’m so stoked that you’re continuing to work on it.

Yes its really great lol… i know nothing but i think this need more deep more low-end… i listened to it with “psy q” pluging… a psycho acoustic processor, sort of exciter/bass booster from creamware card… that was just sounding better…

Thank you all for the kind replies (on soundcloud also :3);
I’ll hole myself up at home and master the shit out of this now, hope it’ll be up to the label’s standards!

Not a style I listen prefer listening, but dayumn that’s some nasty bass/lead combo!