still here using renoise

Started long ago using renoise,got pretty good at it,made some cool choons w renoise,and moved on to other software.

BUT guess what i still use renoise.used renoise in all my tracks,and will continue to use renoise.

in fact these days i use renoise know who you are rixtr66 would not be if not for renoise.

i say this…if you don’t get renoise…well… go away!

not to be a fanboy,i just love the total control.we is a geek i guess.

and sorry for being away so long!

work on new stuff and all that,but i have already proven that this tracker can keep up with the best of them.

nuff said.



The five stages of renoise thread making.

so…you got a superior dance or something?

did i offend the renoise forum etiquette?

wtf,just a hello. :blink:

The forum has been in a small turmoil for that past few months, that’s all.

no worries just,kinda dunno taken aback i guess.used to be different…meh