Still No Song Section

It’s been a while since the infamous hack attack. Any sign of the song library getting back on it’s feet?

That’s true about the number of mp3 sites, what was nice about our own one here was that it showcases what’s possible in Renoise for those who are too lazy to download the demo ;) On a generic mp3 site you never know what tools were used to knock out the tune!

So the official Renoise song page serves as a good piece of advertising. Anyway, thanks for the info, hope it comes back one day!

I also think the song section should be back, but also it should receive more attention, id est a better, more evident, place in the site

that`s right!

I never really checked out the songsection here, when it comes back I need to give it another chance.

I never checked into song section, it felt pretty useless for me as, it had quite many songs but no comments. Many of the tracks sucked there but I was told that there were lots of great ones too, and some people actually posted exclusively in there, which I completely missed for the remixta.

I recommend people to post their tracks to this forum instead. Much better to keep an eye on, better feedback and usually more fun too. :)

For uploading, there are plenty of sites where you can stores your files, just look around.

how about xrns only uploads


good idea

That would suck for me, my xrns are always dependent on so many VST(i)s.

Part of the reason I like Renoise so much is that it gives me the system of composition I got familiar with on the Amiga but with the added dimension of the virtual instruments and effects. Rarely do I do a tune that’s pure samples these days and I don’t miss the old way, having wrestled for far too long trying to squeeze the most out of 4 sample-only tracks with no effects on the beloved Amiga :)

I’ve no objection to sharing my xrns files - I just think it sucks when people have to spend ages installing the supporting instruments to get them to play.
Long live mp3 versions of Renoise tunes. Downside to that is obviously that people can’t learn anything thing from those files or get any insight into how you put it together… So it should be how it was, an archive supporting both formats!

That’s how I learned to use trackers in the beginning (aprox 14 years ago ;) ).
The nice thing about tracker “modules” is that you can easily read what is going on.
Myself, even though I can, find it easier to read tracker data than song scores/tabs.

I looked into the song section but because most of it was .mp3 I lost interrest.
So I would welcome a .xrns only section or an .xrns only library.

I still find it informative to look into the demo songs, especially Keith303’s.
Since those are close to the type of songs I’m making (or trying to :) ).

i’d also love the see the song section back, but it would only make sense if it was more functional and useful than the old one.
i think the old song section’s unpopularity was mainly related to the weak search / filter functions and its generally awkward way of presentation.

forcing people to upload xrns would be unfeasible as well, as that would restrict the uploads on primarily native-dsp songs and maybe a couple of those, that mention the required VST(i) plugins.

but no matter what, a dedicated, well structured database for renoise created music would be a valueable thing to have, especially because there is nothing comparable on the entire web.

If it’s not XRNS, I don’t see the point.

Put a “Renoise” tag in your SoundCloud account.

Or, lie and upload tracks made in Fruity Loops to Renoise dot com and spam the community resources.