Stomping Out Fires

Lots of guitar.

This is great! I’ve only listened on my laptop so far so can’t say too much on the sound quality, but here it sounds like it lacks a little bit of “clarity”.
The part that starts around 2:30 i think it would sound better if you slowed down more, making it sound more tenacious.
Nice work! :guitar:

I got to listen to it in my car today, and it suddenly became blatantly obvious I over-compressed the drums. I’m working without my monitors atm because my 2i2 is being repaired and my backup interface doesn’t have balanced outputs and when I use unbalanced cables it picks up this high pitched digital whine that gives me a headache.

The rhythm guitar also needs some cleanup, and possibly some track doubling.

I liked em. but if your playing guitar then maybe think about adding a bass guitar too. helps flatten the mix out a bit.

You’re probably right. I wanted to try a different kind of bass just to see how it would sound, and I think ultimately you’re right, just a bass guitar would have been better. I only have a 4 string though, and I feel like it doesn’t go low enough, and I’m not really a bass player so I haven’t gotten used to making bass tones yet. My next track will probably have bass guitar in it.