Stopping A Song After The Last Pattern Has Played

In the Renoise docs I found the following…

When this pattern has finished, the next in the sequence is started. This carries on until the final pattern has played and the end of the song is reached. At this point, a song can either loop back to the beginning again or just stop.

But, how do I get the song to stop when it completes the playback of the final pattern.

I have tried toggling the options that seem to be related.

Thanks in advance.

ZT00 sets tempo to 0

I just hit spacebar and say thank you right before the applause.

That shit was funny. No one claps after I perform, it is mostly groaning and projectile vomiting. :w00t:

It’s not an option anymore, it will just stop, always. When you render it you can play it “just once” in any audio player.
ZT00 is your friend indeed, unless… you also have BPM automation going on.