Stopping Song In Mid-synth Activation/ Vst Synth Continues...

Hello, I am having a problem while using my VST synths (albino 3/ predator). If the song is playing as programed, and i stop the song in mid-synth activation, everything stops as usual but the synth continues to carry on. the only way i have discovered to stop the synth is cut all oscillators.

So, for now i am shortening the decay/ sustain in my synth to overcome the problem but does anybody know a better way?

Maybe you should be use Note-Off.

If the VST is running from its own internal sequencer than even a NoteOff will not help (Stopping the song will send out NoteOffs for all pending notes).

yes exactly, note off is what i use on a regular basis but… still, carrying the not through the whole sequence.