Storing Custom Song Data

Storing custom data in a song. It’s a topic that some of us probably have been thinking about - but is there a clever or clean way of doing it?

Say for example that I want a string containing a file path to be stored (I connect it to an instrument in my tool) - what would be the least ugly way of storing that data in a song? (This is not something I am working on btw)

I was thinking about making an “API” for using an instrument as data holder, that other tools could use as well. Kind of a file system. Is there a better way, or might we see support for custom song data in a future Renoise? (being ignored if the tool is not installed)

Post your thoughts :)

I believe the API has access to the Song Comments section so that might be worth considering.

Yes, this might be the best option at the moment.

You can inspire yourself from the Track Comments tool:

fladd uses the comments section with clever delimitation to accomplish storage.