Storm Of Blues

Hello everyone,
Today, I literally stormed the piano. I thought to myself that I will spend more time with somewhat real sounding plugins so that I can develop myself in the feel of real instruments even if it is just a plugin. Enjoy!
Every feedback will be helpful! I am sure there are technical mistakes in this tune.

With Regards BrainClaim

Sounds cool but the piano melodies feel a bit random at times, there are some nice motifs in there but they change rather abruptly. I’d try to establish a more simple melody first and gradually add variations etc. The overall mixdown sounds pretty good to me.

With the piano aspects, if you want it to ‘feel’ more naturally, you should definitely play with velocities and think about how the hands roll off of and onto the keys. The biggest giveaway of not using a real instrument is lack of variation in the tonality and in your track you had a constant velocity for every note, putting the piano into ‘uncanny valley’ of audio…where it sounds like a piano, but we can tell it’s not a real one…

Hope this helps. The track as a whole was upbeat and fun to listen to, but I felt there was no ‘lead’ melody, that you had competing ideas fighting for attention the entire song. Musically, the chords all work well, but with stacked melodies that if you had just used one at a time with different instrument, maybe, it could add a real polish to the piece, but with multiple soloing melodies, the focus gets lost and ultimately feels like a good idea that got cluttered with too many ‘oh and this might sound good too’ additions. Sometimes, just letting each element breathe on it’s own is stronger than trying to create a huge chord from many instruments.

Thanks for the feedbacks!

Yes, I sometimes hit the ground with too many instruments at once and I give little space to single sounds/leads. What I am trying to acquire is to basically make this music funny. I am also still testing my new plugins.