Strange Behaviour With One Vsti Played In Two Different Tracks

Hello guys, I have a strange problem.
I load a vsti (no matter which one) in one instrument slot, and I write two notes of the same vsti, on the same line, but in two different tracks (one note per track).
When I playback the song, I see in the mixer view or the tracks scopes that only one track is “visually” played (The mixer volume bar is moving only in one track), but the sound that I hear is from the two notes.
So, two notes played, but only in one track. If I lower the mixer volume bar of the track, while the notes are being played, the volume note from the other track is also lowered!
The same problem happens also when I insert one note on one track and another note in another track with some line difference. In this case, the track of the latest played note “takes the control” and is the one that is “visually” played.

Is there something wrong in what I do?

I have the 2.6.0b3 (but it’s the same with the 2.5) on Windows 7 64bit and E-Mu 0202 USB.



Most VST instruments only have one physical stereo output that you can use. There is no way that Renoise can possibly separate this output into separate notes played on separate tracks, since it’s just a single stream of audio. Therefore, the VSTi can only be playing on one track in Renoise at any given time. You can play the instrument on different tracks during certain parts of your song, but you cannot get the same VSTi instance to play notes simultaneously across multiple tracks. You will typically have to create another instance of the VSTi, and then use that on the 2nd track instead.

The exception to this rule is when a VSTi does actually support multiple outputs. When a VSTi supports this, you’ll see a “Setup Routing” button in the VST Instrument Properties panel. From here you can assign different outputs from the VSTi to different tracks in Renoise.

More info:

Thank you very much.
I had this problems on drum tracks, since I wanted different vst processing-chain on different instruments of the drum. I resolved using multiple outputs.