Strange echo

Dear Renoisers,

I’m new to Renoise and still fumbling around with the demo. Hell, I love this peace of Software, but encountered some strange behaviour. Maybe it’s me… Please help.

I made some tracks with a VST. Track 1 and 2 are arpeggiated sounds from this Synth and in 3 and 4 I added some beat. In Pattern 4 I tried to make a break and a silly sample just says something and in pattern 5 everything is supposed to go on with one more lead in Track 6.

Now the strange thing: I hear some distant echo of my sample in pattern 5 and 7. It is “distant” and pitches up while getting quicker. More strange: I don’t hear it in pattern 6.

What happened? How can I change this behaviour?

6327 Renoise_strange_Echo.png

I attached this screenshot and maybe this makes things clearer.

EDIT: Meanwhile I encountered that this strange echo only appeared when Instrument 3 is playing (one of the VSTs). This happened even when I played it with the keyboard - there was always this echo of the sample in the background. When I deleted the Instrument and added it manually while copying the old pattern everything was normal - the strange echo of the sample was gone. Did I do something to connect both VST and sample? Or is it a bug?