Strange Frozen Level Meter

Strange meter constant value. Looks like this:
3524 strange_mix.png

There no activity on any channel. What is this? It’s immediately after load song occurs.

for clarity, which Renoise version is this?

i’d try muting my tracks one by one to see if the thing persists? it’s gotta be something sending a signal out.

The version is 2.8.1. I found the VSTi produced this signal (WOK Cromina). But very strange - there no signal on any channel. Only on master out.

could be a problem with the VSTi then, sending out a signal when it isn’t supposed to. what you’d need is for someone else with that VSTi to check out this behavior, it might be a bug with the VSTi? if you think that’s the case, you could send a bugreport to the VSTi devs.

Even if the VSTi isn’t supposed to send a signal, the level meter doesn’ t do its job properly, you should not have a signal in the master and nothing in the tracks and sends. This bug reminds me that on a certain presets of a VSTi (maybe NoiseMaker) the frequency meter didn’t displayed anything while I was clearly hearing sounds.

If you haven’t played/triggered the plugin instrument on any track, it will be routed directly to the master track.
So this somehow makes sense, even though it’s super confusing in this case.

Exactly. The VSTi WOK Cromina make a some noise (vintage emulation). And immediately after load it routed to master track so. Thanks for info.