Strange Master Track Display

Hi, sorry for bad english
Last year I was working on lots of songs from one template. But template was a little bit buggy.
Master track was displayed in wrong manier. And cursor moving with TAB key stops on master track
So about 20 songs are wrong saved. What was happen perhaps of buggy vsts, or Renoise bug…

and this is an instrument empty song.

So songs opens and plays on 2.7 version, but on 2.8 rc1 no song opens, renoise crashes
This crash maigth be becouse of wrong saved master track info.(or not)
How to fix problem (in xml), to get normal master track view.

Could you please upload the file again? Looks like it’s not online at this URL any more.

found wrong parameter in xml.
In master track section, there was number of note collumn parameter set to 6, I changed to 0 and now master track visualization is fine.
But I dont know how it become 6, may be bug or memleak,…
I’ll place file again , as soon as posible…

Yep. We later managed to recreate the problem based on your screenshot, but we had to manually edit the song.xml to do so. Seems that your song definitely got corrupted somehow, but the important question is how it could have happened. May have been a Lua tool in an older version of Renoise or something like that? Nevertheless, we will make Renoise check for this invalid xml and at least avoid the crash when loading such a song.

it hapend in version 1.5x (I think), 1.5 year ago, and I think it was related to used buggy vsts or memory overload with big samplers, no lua.

And I have another problem some projects have jbridge , and now in 2.8 version error windows apears “MLSemaphoreCreate” “Wrong parameter”. What this means?