Strange Midi Monophony

I was using renoise 2.1 for live piano playing, just passing midi data through to the Akoustik Piano vst. In 2.5 it is monophonic, and every note is abruptly cutting the other note off (however, not when using the sustain pedal).

I realize this is some midi issue, but the behaviour is still different in 2.1 from 2.5. Why is this?

I noticed you also need to add chord mode for live playing, by ticking the keyboard symbol below the pattern. Still the thing about sustain pedal seems to be a bug?

The chord mode allows you to record live chords as one would expect, however, that button exists for those that want to sequence percussion on one notecolumn and have no desire for an automatic creation of a new one.

The other part sounds indeed more like a Midi issue. f it would be an internal instrument issue, i would have advised to look at the NNA settings, but that does not influence Midi and VSTI instruments…
The sustain pedal sends a MIDI CC signal to the plugin and the plugin simply responds to it, that is no bug.
Do you have a 2.1 song that sounds different in 2.5 or do you instantiate the plugin from scratch in each version to reproduce this difference?

I just started using the VST of Akoustik Piano. I am having a similar problem, but I am sequencing the piano. The monophony only occurs when I redner the song to disk. It sounds fine when I am playing the track in Renoise. Could this be a problem due to the VST being sample based? Any help would be greatly appreciated.