Strange Or Unclassifiable Vst And Au Effects For Mac?

Hi all.

I’m a recent convert to the cult of Mac (mainly for QLab) , and I’m finding there’s something missing from my effects rack… On Windows, I had a whole range of weird and wild effects plugins to choose from - mostly from this blog post, but also via the magic of plugging Buzz machines in to Renoise…

Now, I know that the Buzz machines thing is impossible (although if there are VST/AU equivalents of Geonik’s DF Filter and Sea Cucumber that would be… mindblowing) but does anyone out there in Renoise-land know of strange, squealy, unstable, totally mental sound-manglers for the Mac?

I’ve already got the DestroyFX collection and DtBlkFx, and the very pretty SoundHack plugs, but I’m hoping for more, dammit, MORE!

Link your favourites!

Thanks for the blog post link!
I stumbled upon this site which features ‘dirtsky’. It’s also for mac :)
I’m going to try it now :w00t:

edit; hmm, I can’t get it to work in Renoise or Live…

The ohm-family. Ohmboyz, Quadfrohmage and others. :yeah: None are free though, but I use ohmboyz all the time. It can be both normal and paranormal too.
And I’m not really into strange stuff, so that’s not probably much of a help.

I also miss Buzz effects/gens on my mac. Especially Antiope, niNja dElay… But the switch was still worth it. :rolleyes:

It’s a shame Cycling74 discontinued the Pluggo features in Max - it took a lot of my favorite weirdo plugs, both free and commercial, off the radar.

Here are some of the weirdest ones I’ve got now, though. All FX unless otherwise noted.

Many of the freebies by Airwindows have mangulation properties. Try Nikola, Fracture and Dust Bunnies in particular.
In addition to destroyfx, check out the other devs hosted at e.g. Bram’s SupaTrigga, KTGranulator, mdsp Livecut etc.
GSI Watkat and/or Lowcoders KingDubby - just tape echo sims by themselves, but when mixed with audio destruction plugs they become magic
Ohm Force Cohmpost (holiday freebie; totally mental)
Sound Consulting Bad Cable & Overflow
Valhalla FreqEcho
Supercollider - roll your own weirdness. Text programming language for music & audio. Runs as an AU, so if you can dream it and program it, you can do it to your audio.

Broken Drum Machine (instrument)
Audio Damage Automaton
Reaktor - roll your own. Expensive, but powerful.
Plogue Bidule - roll your own. Link objects graphically, but a lot cheaper than Max or Reaktor. The standalone version is free, but to run it in AU/VST mode you need a license.
And I wish I could recommend the Daevlplugs, but thanks to the discontinuation of Pluggo they are off the market. Boo.

For the really weird stuff, delving into the Supercollider and Bidule communities is going to be worth your while.

Sonicbirth is an AudioUnit plugin construction app for OSX, might be interesting:

Can’t believe I forgot to mention the excellent Soundmagic Spectral plugins by Michael Norris. Lots of granular goodness there. And unlike most of the stuff previously mentioned, Mac/AU only. Something to brag to your Windows friends about. ;)

I didn’t even mention SonicBirth because last time I looked in on it, it was dead. Nice to see it has found new life in open source.