Strange Question(s?) About Composition

Being fairly new to Renoise, and trackers in general, I’ve found it really easy to use, but I do have some fundamental questions I’d appreciate simple answers to…

1.) When using a single note sample of an instrument, say, a C#-4 from a violin, when I transpose this in the tracker window with, say, a D#-4, will it then PLAY the C#-4 sample as a D#-4, or will it play the note that would be a result of the math applied if the sample were transposed from the lowest possible note? (A-1, or whatever.) In other words, will Renoise KNOW the sample is a C#-4, and calculate it properly to play it as a D#-4?

2.) When using a drum loop sample, will Renoise automatically resample it to play at the tempo of the Renoise project? Say, if your project is 140 bpm, and the sample is 160 bpm, will the sample play slightly faster than you want it to? Or would I potentially need to slow the sample down before importing it into Renoise?

God, I hope the way I’ve worded these questions makes sense.

And of course, 5 minutes after I ask, I stumble across the “basenote” section within sample properties.

I guess that answers my first question!

hahaha, and it appears that Sync on the same options menu answers my second question.