Strange Render Selection Output

Maybe im just missing sumthing stupid,but i have a snare sent to multiple sends each with their own chains in order to parallel process it.When i select ALL tracks to be rendered the output is different to what i am hearing,renoise seems to have kept the transient and the compression that i applied is much weaker in the output rendering than what i hear in realtime??this is kinda strange have never had this problem b4?any help?

Noodling around a bit here,seems that it has something to do with the master track headroom option,it was at default -6db r whatever i changed it to -0.1 db and now it sounds correct,not sure whats going on here but if sum1 cud explain it to me il hum on their balls,cheers.

K now its doing it again… :angry:

I doubt anybody can help without maybe seeing your project file. If you don’t want to share publicly you can send it to the support email and I’m sure one will try and respond with an explanation.

Things you could check first.
Are you rendering in the same sample rate as you are playing at? Some effects may behave differently at different rates, giving unexpected results. More likely the more 3rd plug-ins you use obviously.
There are some differences between cubic and sync interpolation modes. Usually very subtle but I think Renoise still plays at Cubic and default for render is Sync (which is more processor hungry) so you could compare modes.

I know there was discussion on the attack of the compressor not working as it should in an early beta (seemed to actually be old, outstanding behaviour) and I think something was done with it but whether it could be related really is a wild shot in the dark. But it does seem to be the compression you have problems with…

Thanks for the reply dude,yes its definitely to do with the compression,as it seems to not be rendering properly the amount applied,very frustrating,it only happens in 2.8.Yes i will have to send the xrns privately to the devs,thanks for the help though!cheers