Strapping A Send Across Several Tracks....

It would be sweet as all hell if one could select a couple of tracks, and insert a send into all of them automatically.

For example, if I could select my 6 tracks containing percussion, hit some key combination, and a dialog box would pop up asking me which send track to send it to, or to just send it to the next free one. This would automatically insert a senddevice on all of these tracks pointing to the same send track…


It’s little features like this that seperates the men from the boys, don’t you think?

i would not suggest to enhance the old handling of the send channels and send devices in the track-dsp. in general the send-device stuff is not so user friendly …

the dev crew should concentrate their future work in a real mixer with cool routing possibilities like in other apps too (aux busses, inserts and so on). maybe with a mixer it would be possible to route multiple tracks to one send track …

Well, I’m suggesting something that would make it more user friendly.

Isn’t it all possible with track effects and sends? I don’t see the point of a mixer interface. I’m perfectly fine with sticking a good EQ and gainer at the end of each effect chain and mix with that.

I’m afraid a mixer as you describe will only look nice, but offer no new functionality. I may be wrong, however. If so, enlighten me.

I just have one problem with your solution, how would you disable some tracks?

Wouldnt the easiest thing be if you selected on the sendtrack which tracks you wanted to be routed to that track?
There could be small checkboxes for each track (including the other sendtracks).
A check in the checkbox for a track would place a send device on that track.
If you unchecked the senddevice would be removed.

When I think of it the most easy way would probably be a modular view screen. But that needs some thinking…

No, you are right a mixer would not offer any new functionality, it would “only” offer a more compact way of visualising the track effects…

The problems that this user had made me want to dig up this suggestion for further comments.

Didn’t even remember I wrote that. But reading it again there is just one small downside to the solution with checkboxes.

And that is that the send device would allways be placed last in the chain. So you would have to go back to the track on which a send device is placed and manually move it if you wanted it in the middle of a chain. Though probably 99% of the time you wanted a senddevice on several tracks you would want it in the end of the track so moving it once every 100 times would not be a problem at all.

One could ofcourse design a solution to this too. For example by having two number next to the checkbox with two small arrows next to one of the numbers. The number without arrows would represent the numbers of dsp effects on that track and the other number would represent the placement of the senddevice.

One could do much more complext solutions to this. By gettig up a small a small dropdown zoomview of the track with its dsp effects in which you could fineplace the senddevice.
But I don’t think it would be worth the effort to code such a thing.

Yeah… I only put the sendtrack at the end of my chain 50% of the time… the rest of the time I’ve got extra effects after it… sometimes with the send device on passthrough mode… and sometimes not…

If you don’t have the senddevice in passthrough mode, then the effects after it are useless, aren’t they?

all depends on WHY you have them after :D … because if i disable the send device during playback, the effects will be applied ;)

i like this idea every much Byte-smasher, thankyou for formulating this and reminding me of this concept for doing ultra quick effect edits!
i usually just turn on an off effects, but get goofed when i want to fade
(this gives a reason and the ability to use the volume slider on the send)

-put 2+ sends on a track an when one turns off the other comes in. etc

for the most part i do everything by hand, i dont rely on non-programmed by me tricks/effects hardly at all so
sometimes i get confused with the way i do things, and i forget concepts ive wanted to implement cuz i’m aways experimenting.
we need a smiley for plugging a bunch of things in to a bunch of other things

The more sends you actually had, the more checkboxes there would be, and having two boxes for each ones placement might take up a lot of screen real estate. Atleast if it was to be done with a traditional mixer view. Draggable dropdown menus populated with the available sends might solve that? If sending one track to multiple sends, then just have multiple dropdowns, sort of like Samplitude mixer view has (only these are statically place pre or post AFAIK):

I quite like being able to drag and physically place a send anywhere in the chain, and I think some sort of hybrid of the above pic and the current dra n’ drop scheme would work well for a mixer view.