Stream Deck / Metagrid - Key Commands

Does anyone have the Elgato Stream Deck and if so, does Renoise recognize key combinations sent from it? I have tested the stream deck ipad app and if I remember well, it didn’t work. Now, I have purchased the Metagrid app, with intentions to map kay combinations I have already assigned for so many tools inside renoise.
Problem is, Renoise doesn’t “see” the modifier keys…
Is this a problem on Renoise’s end?

Interesting topic. I was thinking about the Stream Deck myself and thought i can simply map “general” key combinations to a key/button on the Deck.

I had a quick glance over the quick start manual, should be no problem to assign key combinations. You may have to define combinations first in Renoise and then add a “custom action” to the Stream Deck to trigger the combination. It looks like it is possible to define “custom toggle actions”, which may make it possible to have a changing graphic on a Stream Deck for play/pause for example. Looks like a nice addition. I have to consult the full manual or test the editor to see if it is possible to chain custom actions.

Regarded to the app, i don’t have it (no ipad), but have you tried to add a custom action (if it is possible with the app) with the key combination?

ADD: The Stream Deck also has “folders” which hopefully will give access to even more shortcuts then the actual number of physical keys/buttons.

I have tested the Stream Deck on the ipad and the metagrid as well. Renoise, for some reason, does not receive the Modifier keys sent over from either app. I don’t know if it would be differenet, if the data were coming in from a proper USB stream deck unit. I have contacted Metagrid, they were realtime supporting me, they even downloaded Renoise and check in realtime, only to find out the problem is there and they will investigate it, as they said.

Also, in the past, I have tried with Logitech keyboards with G-keys and that, and if I can recall correctly, I was having issues with some modifiers too. Not all of them, because I rememeber I was still using it. But, for the time being the mac keyboard with the 19 F-buttons is the best with a plethora of combinations.
What I find really appealing with the stream deck, is the coloured screen for info and the pages you can have multiple pages of buttons. Would be amazing for stuff like Renoise Tools and actions like, cut/duplicate pattern, duplicate selection, render column and so so many. Because you can have shortcuts for like Render column, track, Group, pattern, Selection … Either have a very good memory, or get organized with a big stream deck. Only if it works though.
So, does it? Anybody who owns one?

I 've bought the Stream Deck and I confirm it will not pass messages onto Renoise as it comes.
I don’t know how Renoise does it, but once up and running, it takes over the keyboard and that’s it. Renoise and keyboard are locked to each other and no-one can separate them or get in-between them.
I was hoping I could use the stream deck for Renoise and totally forgot about this thread I had started 2 years ago… Anyway, I will set it up for Reaper and everything else.

Stream Deck user here (XL). Haven’t tried it myself and I’m not at my workstation so can’t try it out. But if on Windows, have you tried if using AutoHotkey as a “middleman thingy” works?

No I haven’t tried anything to make the StremDeck work with Renoise to be honest. Literally I have no time to sit down and edit the buttons on this thing. It’s not for me and it also takes up a lot of memory both in my head and the PC. Selling mine…