Stream on PC - no sound

I’m trying to stream Renoise on Windows to Twitch using OBS or SLOBS. The problem I have is that there is no sound coming out to OBS (or slobs) at all.

I used to use Voxengo Recorder to create an audio route to my soundcard and managed to get sound into OBS that way. But now that one either creates a single echo or the sound stutter like crazy while playing. I’ve tried different all different kind of setting, but nothing sounds ok.

Is there another way to get audio to OBS from Renoise? Any plugin suggestions?

use direct sound driver in renoise, in windows mixer use standard audio output
in obs select: playback device> properties> device: default

if you want to use a asio driver, look towards the VoicemeeterBanana program

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Ah! Thanks!! At least I got sound in OBS now, but the latency is about half a second now. Tried to trim it but it gets stuttery.

I have a vague memory of trying out Voicemeeter a while back… don’t remember why I didn’t end up using it.

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