Streaming Input?

I’m thinking about buying Renoise, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to stream/record/play/etc. my guitar/bass/etc. (in real life) along with drum beats and synth that I’ve made in Renoise. If it isn’t possible in Renoise what other tracker/electronic music maker thingy/etc. should I look in to? I assume that I’d need some sort of guitar - to computer input of course, but right now I’m trying to focus on whether or not it’s possible at all. I tried to do some searches to answer this but mostly what I found was “YEAH YEAH it has wirecross and you can make realistic guitar noises with x synthsizer for 5$!” Excuse my ignorance.

Thanks in advance!

“streaming” might not be the right word, but i’m assuming you mean playing back programed beats in renoise and then recording your guitar playing on top right?

yes its possible,… easy as pie actually. go to the sample editor, and hit the rec button underneath the blank sample window. then treat it like a sample.

alternatively, incase you find the recording process to be odd, with rewire you can load up renoise in any rewire capable daw like reaper, program your beats, and then lay down your guitar on top of that. or the other way around, which is load up a daw inside renoise, many renoisers used to use energyxt for managing long audio samples.

it just depends on which procedure you find the most comfortable for your workflow.

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INdeed you can record from within the sample editor…or another method …,just insert the line-in device on a track ( choose your audio card’s input ) and start playing., ( latency depends on your soundcard )
To record your playing, choose the sample editor

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yeah forgot about the line input device, thanks for reminding me gentleclockdivider.

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