String Studio Vs-1

ok this should not be an hoax :rolleyes:

I’ve tried the demo of String Studio VS-1, and I’m quite impressed by violin, viola, cello and basses sounds.

Give it a try for yourself, too.

The demo has saving disabled, audio fall-offs and stops working after 20 minutes.

(now who was complaining about ReNOise nags? :))

Most instruments are A okay, some of them are less impressive.
I’m not really fond of the Piano instruments.
Specially not on the lower octaves.
But this plug get’s a 9 from me anyway just for the fact that it is so damn compact compared to the usual bulky instrument library that comes upon 7 DVD’s.

So $250 (or €200) is a bargain for this one.

yes it is impressive: the site says it is a string synth, but maybe it is a sampled-based subtractive synthetizer, or something like that.

Too bad the Euro has fallen a lot these days… damn…

I think I’m going to buy it: I just want to test it in a real case before

I’ve uploaded a little demo for violin sound of this plugin.

haha, some of us really need that Euro to drop to have any chance of purchasing half the vst’s out there. A pound is like 2.50 of my Canadian dollars, so a 200 pound vst is like 500 bucks for me! That’s like purchasing two 3200 AMD 64 bit processors. I suppose the alternative is our dollar could just get stronger but that’ll never happen. This vst does sound pretty good though, hard to find those good strings.

actually the price is 200 euros, not UK pounds, so it’s like 300 of Canadian dollars, but I bet you won’t buy it anyway :rolleyes:

check Euro exchange rates here

Hmmz… 249 US dollars is how many Canadian Dollars?

Besides… when i purchased Symphonic Orchestra Gold edition for that 400 bucks… i asked them nicely to sent the stuff over described as “gift” goods.
They didn’t and customs just demanded 25% of that price in taxes (and in Euro’s) from me.
That was a real bummer.

At least i’m glad i didn’t payed the whole 3000 dollars for it… paying 250 Euro’s taxes extra just for a box with four DVD’s i call really hypocrite.