Structured III (105 BPM)

First thing I’ve done in Renoise. Still getting familiar with the software. Probably going to play with the mix some more. Everything in the track was created using built-in Renoise DSP FX and/or completely free VSTi’s and royalty-free/$-free samples. I have used Renoise’s Plugin Grabber to capture samples for 3 VSTi’s used in the track. Love that feature.

*Edited 05-03-2019: link to current revision [final]



the mix sounds good to me and I like the track also. Especially the beginning is great and atmospheric. Some things I would change / make different.

The bass is maybe a bit too pronounced sometimes (e.g. at 1:19). Is it ~120 Hz at this time? If so, it’s my room.
The bell sound is getting bit boring after some time, I would use it more scarcely and maybe bring in another instrument later. I also would add a little bit more reverb or even delay to the bell sound. But that’s all a matter of taste.

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The bass is maybe a bit too pronounced sometimes (e.g. at 1:19)

I would tend to agree. Porbably will throw a Bus Compressor on it as a leveller. Maybe a filter as well. On my reference cans (flat-response), it’s less noticeable. With a sub, it’s pretty up front.

The bell sound is getting bit boring after some time

Partly on purpose

more reverb or even delay

I think this might work. Ultimately I’ll make it more ambient, so it’s boring on purpose. lol.

I appreciate the critique. Still getting my footing in Renoise.

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What DAW were you using before?

Primarily FL Studio, but I’ve tried out a few others. I was not raised on trackers, but I have been using SunVox for awhile, so it isn’t completely foreign.

So far, I find it easier to get a good sound in Renoise than other DAWs. I like the way things are routed and the native DSP FX are very good, in my opinion.

The Pattern Matrix in Renoise took me off guard at first. Now that I have spent some time with it, I’m really starting to like it.

Currently, I’m solely relying on Renoise. I’m going to use SunVox for some synth samples to use in Renoise, along with VirtualANS. ( WarmPlace ) Audacity for mastering, might be switching to Reaper in the near future.


Ended up dropping the reverb [mpreverb] on the bells. Went with the convolver instead, with the free Teufelsberg NSA listening tower impulse responses from Balance Mastering. I love that IR. Used Variety of Sound’s: rescueMKII, FerricTDS, TesslaProMKII, and TesslaSE to master the track in Reaper. Good deal of analog style saturation and such. Could have mastered the track in Renoise, but I just purchased a license for Reaper so I decided to play around in it, too.

Teufelsberg NSA listening tower impulse responses Use the alternative download link if you want the IRs. The primary link appears to be dead.

The bass, pad/lead, and bells are custom samples out of 3 separate VST’s. If anyone is interested in the XRNI’s, I might throw together a little instrument pack with these three.

I like the clear and at the same time warm sound.

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I like that version better than the previous one. It sounds smoother.

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@actor @lilith

That would be the VoS VSTs. Variety of Sound

They really are quite good, IMO.

Some real cool things in this track. I like the distorted wobble and the general sound of it. Those high bass notes don’t sound great though. I’d prefer it if the bassline descended rather than ascended, but, hey, that’s a matter of taste, I guess.

The 808, or the wobble? Or both?