Struggle 6 & 7 // Renoise techno

liking this, only critique its all very dry! maybe some verb to add some depth to the instruments? cos its all very in your face, which i guess could be good for this sort of thing!

Great sound design and fx though, especially the second one

hey thank you both :slight_smile:

Good critique too, def feel I have two modes; too much or too little reverb, depending on mood haha

Really cool stuff. I like the in your face harshness, and it’s not like it’s one dimensional… There’s some nice layering using stereo and some reverb. I like nr 6 best, probably because of the nicely minimalistic industrial elements. I often try to do, or at least start out with a minimalistic idea myself, but things tend to derail eventually :smashed: :smiley:

Thank you x

BTW: did you normalise and or use a limiter on the song audio, to get the waveform so evenly peaked?

Neither of the tracks have too much dynamic range, but also they’ve been mastered

7 is dope!