Struggle with Semantics Copy, Clone, Alias on Pattern Matrix Blocks

I just jumped into Renoise and struggle to explaining these words for myself.
Also the translation of these words into German.

I do not understand the benefits of Aliasing vs Cloning and Copy.

A Clone of a Block is a exact copy but a independent Block. Same as i copy&paste a Block.
So i have a identical unique Block. But its not called a Copy.
If i expand a Block in the Pattern Matrix via the Bottom-Expand Arrorw. Do i have then a unique
independed duplicate also despite the fact that they look chained?

Is it a Copy or a Clone? Whats the different?

A Alias Block is a un-independet copy and chained to the original whereever the other Alais Blocks are? The Benefit is that the Alias can be anywhere in the same Song, and will change if i edit the Original?
A Alias dont copy Automations until i hit cmd/Strg+Alt while dragging?

A Clone and a Alias is a Copy of an Original Initial Block. But Copy and Clone is basically the Same, or not?

At first i was translated Alias as Clone because the independencies, but now i am not shure if
i understand the Feature right and the use of the word Clone ans Cloning for a Copy.

In the Quickstart at Page 19: - Pattern Sequencer Hint

When dealing with patterns it’s the numbers that are most important, not words like clone, copy or whatever. Don’t get caught up in semantics. Just look at the numbers. If you modify #1, all Patterns labeled #1 will be affected. If you modify Pattern #0, all #0 will be affected. Simple

^^, Sure

But this is only the Case if we use Alias Pattern (right click the plus icon), Right?

On the Same Page it is written that we can CLONE a Pattern with the “overlapping rectangle” icons insteat of Copy it:

Clone the current patternClicking the circled button will create a new pattern below the selected onewhich duplicates the data from pattern 1.

So thats makes me blaaaahrrrrurghhh*

Thanks for clearifying this

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Appears to be a pointer to a record full of data, changes to orginal should affect all aliases.

Seems to create a new pre-populated record, initially filled with the same data as the original pattern.

Seems to refer to the process of creating a new empty record and manually filling it with paste.

As a general rule of thumb… every pattern in a tracker should always be unique, even it if is one
volume or panning value… so its more human-like and less boring.


In the Pattern Sequencer it make more sense while trying.

Yeh, okay Understand Alias Blocks now…its awesome
With [ALT] i can just drop a Block anywhere and it will be an Alias, he update every change i do on the original Block. With the expand Arrow on Blocks below edge and [Alt] i can draw a vertical line with Aliases. okok…nice

In Real Life an Alias is the Same Person with just another Name

Clone is just Copy of a Block with data, you say? hm ok…also cloning means just copy stuff (tracks, notes, pattern…)

But copy a empty pattern is also copy something and also a clone of something ^^,

Yeah, sounds like that is the gist of it.

The “Clone” will carry over the “Automation Envelopes”;
whereas when using a “Copy” one would manually copy
just the things they choose to.

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