Struggling to find way to make Renoise work with Logic

I am having a blast working in Renoise. But my main DAW is Logic. I am struggling to find a good workflow here.

My initial idea was to build everything in Redux in Logic, but this has limitations in that I can only use one FX per note at a time (unlimited per line but that’s not what I want!), which is a major limiter for me in the long run. So here is the idea I came up with but it is CRAZY time consuming, there literally must be a better way! Please help.

  1. Export melodic synth parts I create in Logic into Renoise.
  2. Create my drum ideas in Renoise around the imported synth ideas
  3. Export each individual track as a phrase so I can open it up in Redux (do I really have to export each phrase individually? There isn’t an export all phrases option?)
  4. Then I have to open up Redux, load the phrases, pick out the sample I used for each part again for EACH drum part
  5. Draw Midi note again for EACH drum part

Crazy time consuming. I want the flexibility to adjust the drum part in Logic so I don’t want to just export out the Renoise project as a wav. What am I doing wrong here?