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Swiss Miss


I would prefer slightly less effects in vocals and bass. But at least the sound is quite unique, and this is of course artistic decision :)

But in general nice melody, decent guitar sound and vocal performance (I’d like to hear it with less effect tricks!).

It’s a pretty awesome bit of music,really. It does sound a bit demoish, that’s ok considering the style, but for a song of this quality it’s maybe a little bit too demo. My thoughts on the jack white/black keys/etc. type effected vocals is they sound better compressed or clipping maximized to hell. Even earsplitting hell can work. Conventional wisdom and dynamic considerations be damned… natural timbrel variations in the voice will make up for any supposedly lost artistic expression. Worth a try i think. Just an opinion, don’t know that it would work.

By the way, i’m not saying you’re biting on jack or black keys or something. This has a nice john lennon type psychedelic edge buried in the vocal delivery that foils the garage bombast nicely.

thanks for the comments! definitely some things to consider there…

another one: Swiss Miss

ha ha. how you smash 60s garage psychedelic with some kinda 80s proto-shred and goth? nice. and skipping a decade… brilliant.

thanks for the comments! another one: