Stuck in a musical rut.


Just sitting here mindlessly, and I’ve realised I have absolutely no idea what i’m doing lately. It’s really starting to tick me off. The amount of times I’ve been away from the computer and had a song idea, or even when I’ve been here and I want to get something down and it’s there but I just CANNOT get it into any form is ridiculous. I could punch myself in the nuts repeatedly right now for the lack of creativity going on XD What do you guys usually do when you find you’re struggling? What’s the longest time you’ve gone without getting anything down whatsoever?

Espresso. Seriously.

I usually don’t try to make anything if I’m struggling because anything I make just makes me feel worse. I listen to lots of different music, watch tutorials, experiment with vst’s (render anything that sounds interesting) and go through my sample folders deleting and sorting, sometimes just finding something in there I like can be the start of a 5 hour tracking session.

3 years but its usually 6 months.

come on man, pull your socks up! Making music is fun, just mess around with stuff. Try making a tune out of one sample or limiting yourself…if your desperate for ideas do a cover version or remix or something - hone your skills, replicate a tune you love as best your can.

Here`s a remix of mine that came out of nowhere:

I usually just keep playing with my midi-keyboard aslong I get something I like, and record it.

It’s always good idea to start off with some kind of presets, and then tweak / do new ones when you have the basic structure ready :)

Stuck in a rut? It’s painful. But quite often, altering your routine isn’t enough. There are some ideas for how to get free from a rut, seated in observation and action. See here! Might help you figure things out.

What I find is that I can never reproduce an Idea i had. So
Step 1. I just play around with sound until I find one I like and sound interesting.
Step 2. I start out making a loop and that will progress into
step 3. a song. If it doesn’t make it into a song or even a loop. I

repeat step 1

till I get an awesome tune or i’ve been busy for a few hours and give up for that day.
Someday’s you just don’t get inspired.

Did you try to play some instrument?

This helped me alot, too.

About four years.

At least there is still hope for me…
My target was at least one song a year, but the past two years, nothing left my hands yet…

Me, about twelve years. From my birth until i started playing guitar :lol:

vV: i’ve never heard any of your music i think …?

I think this is good advice.

If I feel blocked, it’s usually because I’ve put too much pressure on myself to make something ‘great’, if that’s the case for you stop worrying if what you make is going to be good or not and just make something for fun, just for you :)