Studio Devil + Renoise

I don’t get any decent signal coming out, anyone got a good explanation? I’ve never had problems with any VSTs before.

works here.

Is that your best “good” explanation you can give?
I currently can’t test it (harddrive crash, only my Linux environment still works) but as soon as i can i’ll get back to this…

Dunno what else to say :slight_smile: Open up the vst, run a sample and everything works like it should. We’re taking BVC Studio devil right?

edit: I’m using version 1.1

BVC is the free one. I’ve used both without problems. (well, the lack of good preset handling is, but that’s for another discussion)

You have a good signal going into the plug? The plug itself is so simple I can’t imagine what’s wrong. Are you getting low signal on every setting?

i found the problem, i had the width turned up full on the relevant track… i dont think ive ever felt this dumb before lol.