Studio Monitors, Room Treatment

Curious what speakers you use and if you have your room treated.
I recently moved into another room ca. 35m2. I have two +10dB room modes at 70 and 140 Hz and built 8 big bass traps and several absorbers for the early reflection points. The effect on the decay times was massive, but the frequency response changed very little.

I have the Presonus Eris 5 at the moment, but want to buy somwthing better next year. Maybe Neumann KH120? Something down to 40Hz would be nice but lower will cause more room problems again. I have a large mode at 45Hz that I can measure with the Eris 5, but is almost inaudible as the speakers only go down to 60Hz.

I have a pair of focal solo6be bought second hand. They go down to 40 hz but there are more precise in the mediums and the highs. My room is 7 m2, not treated, I’ve got a spike at 122 hz but live with it. Bought isoacoustics stand, I am a bit deceived, thought they would give more isolation from the desk.

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Better put the speakers behind the desk on stands.

I know, don’t have enough room unfortunately…

From IK multimedia there are the new iloud MTM speakers. They look really interesting.