Hi there,

Because i still work on some old HiFi speakers, i thouht it would be nice to buy a pair of new monitors.
Because i have a low budget(STUDENT!!! :) ) i saw some and there are two optoins:

  1. Tannoy reveal passive. -->sound good to me only a little bit less bass

  2. Samson Resolv 65 Passive.–>Sound also good to me only a little bit less high

Does anyone of u have one of these?? because i like to know if you like them. And i u got some other good tips…

The music where i like to use them for is mainly: trance, house, ect…

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I haven’t actually bought any yet, but what I do know is that they should have a flat (linear) frequency response. (I figure this is the main characteristic of studio monitors versus, say, PA speakers or a portable radio?) I was looking through a Behringer catalogue yesterday actually and noticed a pair of monitors (8 1/4" woofers) with the flatest frequency response graph centred at 100dB I’ve ever seen (the one on my HIFI speakers looks like a mountain compared to it). The only thing was that it dropped down to 90dB from 50Hz - 0Hz, so if you’re looking for monitors to produce trance and house on, you would probably need bigger woofers than that. But really, as long as its frequency response is flat and it sounds good to your ears I’m figuring you should be alright. (Might pay to get a well-known, worthy brand as well? Although I guess in the end they’re all manufactured by the same one anyway)

Yep, that would be me. And yes, I’ve changed to Renoise now. :D I take it you’ve switched too?

And DJ J-R: Something I’ve heard about passive speakers though: In the end it’s probably best to go for active speakers (infinite baffle? ;) ), as putting passive speakers together with a different amp you already have may not work out as well.

I have Genelec 1029a main monitors and 1091a subwoofer. Very happy about them.

Yes, i know how genelec sound just have one word fir that GREAT!!!. But they are a little to expensive for me.

Today i listend to the Spitit (passive) absolute zore, and they sound much better than the tannoy and the samson set.

I think i’ll buy them but they are 100 euro more than the other two sets. So i have to save some more money than.

I use an old pioneer amplifier with a cd direct function( because i can’t afford a active speaker set) , this is very good because nothing is changed to the sound.



I have an idea for all of you… students :)

If you have an ability to go to listen to your own tracks on studio monitors and then compare to how they sound on your own home-speakers you can get quite decent view how good your home speakers are.
Just listen and compare what is hearable and what is not. I discovered that except little bit less bass which I compensate with amplifier
my DM-302 (B&W) have quite decent sound quality. The reference was Mackie HR824. This mackie is active speaker.

Also you can compare frequency response - for typical HI-FI speakers this is 40-20000 Hz, +/- 3db. for monitors… 20-24000 +/- 1,5db.
then you’ll know where you are. In the end, you can make quite decent production even with good HiFi speakers - but for final tuning
and adjustments studio reference is required. One friend claims that Sony has decent monitors for decent price. Dunno the model name, check it out.

Well i did compare my hi-fi speakers with some studio monitors and came to the conclusion that the quality of the sound is bad.

And i want to use them especially for the final tunig of my sound so i want to have good sound.

I can’t find the sony monitors, but i think that the Spirit absolute 2 are good monitors (