Stuff I Miss

I’m dying to make the step from IT to Renoise and I’ll be the first one
buying it when the full 1.5 version gets out.

Untill that I have to amuse myself with version 1.2 and I’m missing a few crucial things that made my life tracking in IT and ST3 very easy.

  1. When I’m in the tracker edit mode, I want to be able to press the delete button in a row, moving all the notes below the cursor one up.

  2. When I’m in de tracker edit mode, I want to be able to press inserst, pushing all notes bolow the cursor one down.

  3. Selection methods:
    ALT L once: selecting one track, twice: selecting all tracks
    ALD D once: selecting 1/4 of the track, twice: 2/4 of the track, triple: complete track.

  4. Pressing home moving the cursion from the right side of a track directly to the left side of that track.
    — … 0000 pressing home: — … 0000
    ^ ^

  5. Coloring of the tracks. Coloring of the tracks like in IT or ST3 with a dark grey every 4 rows and a lighter one every 8 rows (for example, customisable) would be ideal. Now we only have the light colored one…

Maybe these functions in renoise 1.2, but I can’t find them! If they aren’t in version 1.2, will they be in renoise 1.5? These things are crucial to me personally to do some serious fast tracking!
Maybe other people feel the same as I do about this?


Did some serious mapping and got to get some things to my hand…
I noticed that my insert key isn’t seen like that in Renoise, so no wonder that it didn’t work…

I bought the full version yesterday btw! :yeah: