Stuff Renoise Needs For Live Use

I’ve been using Renoise since forever, and i’m predominantly a live musician. As it is right now i use Renoise 1.5.1 with 2 midi controllers (an oxygen-8 and a trigger finger) as well as a pretty lengthy chain of midi gear.

I’ll bring renoise on stage happily, but as it is i tend to render out all tracks to ableton and perform that way instead. There’s a few simple reasons for this, and one that i’m surprised i can’t find any requests for.

Sample buffering of multiple RNS files
Loading an rns, playing it through, then loading another, as is, is a major hassle right now, simply because it takes forever. For those of us with enough ram, it’d be very very cool to be able to load a set of RNS files as opposed to just one at a time, and then switch between them sequentially somehow. Playlist functionality with a buffer in other words, if only for the samples.

Midi quantize for everything midi driven.
The one thing that makes real time recording in renoise a bitch right now is the lack of midi quantize. You produce at low speeds, every mistake stands out like a sore thumb. My suggestion for this:

A MidiQuantize metadevice that attaches to a regular dsp chain. Any midi input into that track on a specified channel is buffered and replayed according to the quantize settings set in the device, which could be a slider based on either percentage or ticks, preferably the latter. A later improvement could add a slider dictating what CC controls or note octaves to listen for

For those of you who don’t know how ridiculously convenient this is, please, try triggering a drum roll into a breakbeat that ends at exactly tick 32, and you’ll see what i mean.

Quantize is a must have for any self respecting midi sequencer, and right now i get everything midi i want out of renoise except quantize.

Mixer view
Just thought i’d poke this one a little ;)

Midi controllable tempo
Just being able to assign a CC to bpm would make me very glad indeed

Meta instruments
Kind of high concept this, but i’d like to see a form of built in instrument that would do nothing but do certain things based on triggered notes.
For instance switching to a specific instrument and playing a specific note on C4, then switching to another and playing another set note at C#4
You get my drift. Basically being able to map several instruments to one.

Really good suggestions - It’s stuff like this I’d like to see and why I voted for “More (and more complex) MIDI mappings”. Too bad it ended up pretty low down on the list.

Loading multiple RNS files into a playlist would be wonderful - but until then I’ll use some hardware delay loops to fill the gap when loading songs. It’s kinda a workaround.

I would also like some
improved loop selection features
I’d like to be able to preset loop selections that I can turn on or off with the press of a button. This would be great when I’d like to extend a part of the song while performing live - like during a solo or something. :P

Something like this:

Or maybe this should be implemented into the Arranger view?

if transport worked and there was an OSC or midi cc like way of controlling BPM, final scratch could control renoise.

we could juggle patterns while tweaking the lfo’s of our vsti’s,
all while recording the midi cc data in renoise.

crossfade between patterns…

if OSC was in renoise you could sync your 4/4 bpm output to any other 4/4 bpm output using supercollider3’s input and nick collins library called beat track.

to be able to have a completely flawless transition between your set and the persons before you.

also if OSC was in renoise, there could be a completely gui’less version of renoise where another OSC enabled app could be the interface.
an interface designed to be used for live performance, for instance reaktor could control renoise.