Discovered this great software. If you are bored you can just “stumble” random pages which might be of interested to you. So if you are bored, you can just surf around the net, watch cool videos or pictures and discover stuff you never thought could exist.

Also I noticed that it creates a lot of good traffic to some of my pages. Does anyone else use it? :) If so, you could give a thumb up to Remixta page aswell, as it helps to gain more listeners and probably more people interested in Renoise. Or not, who knows. :)

Anyway, share your experience with the technology.

PS: My nick in Stumbleupon is ClySuva, so if you want to add me as a friend, it would be great. ;)

When I put fav freeware in there I had like 12.000 hits o_O (actually that was with a stupid numeric URL, so I’ll have to resubmit haha B))

But that doesn’t mean people actually look at the page for more than 0.2 seconds, you know… but yeah, it’s neat, you can find some good stuff with it.

And yes, let us pimp some Renoise.

Well, according to my traffic analysis some people actually do look at the page for more than 0.2 seconds. Many ofcourse skip over it, but about 10 - 20% have stayed loyal to some of my sites.

install and use stumbleupon if you never want to get anything done ever again.

I apply that rule for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix on XBLA as well. :P

I started to hate stumbleupon recently. I have been a user for over a year and it was really interesting and useful most of the time, but recently it is spammed by professional websites (like an english ad-company stumbling every single page of their site), companies trying “viral ad campaigns” and plainly boring/disgustingly stupid stuff.

I am currently desperately looking for an alternative that is not overrun by professionals or companies.

Edit: Oh, and the biggest problem of stumbleupon at the moment: Emo-Poems. Yuck.

but isn’t the whole point that as you thumb stuff up and down, you get more stuff that is liked by people who like stuff you like? If that doesn’t work then the algorithms need work… that the input is going to suck is obvious…

Oh, to slice a wrist,

Engulfed in shadows of despair
The union of blasphemy unfair
My mummy doesn’t care
If I dye my hair