Stupid Basic Question

I recently bought a guitar (Fender Strat) and a Zoom Multi FX pedal (this one: The latter comes with USB connection capabilities so that it can be used as a recording interface (it also comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite, which I haven’t gotten round to looking at yet). Due to limitations with my sound card it’s useless to plug the guitar (via the Zoom) directly into the sound card’s line-in plug. If I try to record anything, Renoise also records the drums etc. and the guitar sound goes into a feedback loop that threatens to blow my speakers if not stopped promptly. Earlier, I used a Yamaha mixer that I borrowed from a mate in order to be able to listen and record simultaneously. I could get my own mixer, I suppose, but what I wonder is how it would work to use the Zoom’s USB link for recording into Renoise (or into any other program; I also own Adobe Audition CS3). I’ve been considering buying a USB microphone, but the same thing’s been bothering me. How does one use USB to record into Renoise?

The Zoom came w/o a USB cable, so I just want to make sure that there is any point in buying one.

I am sorry if this is glaringly obvious and well-known to everybody, but I haven’t found any info about it in the manual or by searching the forums (the search function sucks btw). I suspect it may have something to do with ASIO drivers, but I’m pretty clueless.

Yes. You need ASIO drivers. If you go to the download link on the Zoom site and you find your product, you will see that there are ASIO drivers provided. You need to install those. Then you connect your Zoom with a USB cable, and you will be able to record audio into Renoise, or any other DAW, through the USB input. That way, you don’t use your onboard sound (or whatever soundcard you have) at all.

Ahh, thanks a lot! Will do ASAP.