Stupid Beginners Question

Oke, I’m new to this tracker stuff but very interested. I downloaded the renoise demo but mentioned that there aren’t any samples or sounds. I’ve read some of the tutorial and downloaded there a standard drumkit sample.
Where do i get my other samples? Do I have to pay for it on other sites or make them my own?
Somebody help me with this please!!

You may also use the samples that come with the tutorial songs inside the demo.

thanks :)

You can get samples anywhere on the net for free, by the way, if you looking for any sort of 1991-1993 rave/hardcore samples then don’t hesitate to give me a shout i have loads!

The best way to start, IMO, is to download the beatbattle sample packs.

Learn your way around Renoise…then listen to the beatbattle entries…and be amazed!

This is a good reason why Renoise needs its own synth / drummachine ;)

Or its own sample / instrument database ? (for which users could contribute… I’d be happy to contribute)

Thanks for the help!