Stupid Pre-Paid Atm Card, Couldn'T Buy Renoise..

Yeah so I don’t have a bank account cause I hate them but I really want Renoise, so I decided to purchase one of these prepaid cards. And so apparently these dumb things wont let you make purchases outside of the US. And this is basically a bank account anyway, and it’s ridiculously stupid. And so I will have to wait and find a different way to purchase Renoise.

However it wasn’t a total loss. Earlier this month I found a copy of Battery 3 and Kontakt 2 on Ebay for $38 and so I used the card to buy the Kontakt 4 update at it’s current 50% off, which should be pretty awesome. Still, not sure how i’m going to get my hands on Renoise. Grr…

Isnt there a possibility to prepay paypal? :huh:

In Norway we have some gift cards called VISA SpendOn we can buy on 7-Eleven, maybe they have it in the US too?

I did get this thing at 7/11 but this thing is weird. It had some fishy fine print. After you get it you realize you’ve been duped into buying some weird monthly service. Makes me not trust pre-paid services.

Honestly wasn’t a big deal, just bummed I don’t have Renoise yet. ;)

Yeah I saw that there were those too, that probably would have been a better idea.

just send the money to Taktik in an envelope. he lives in Germany. good luck.

Have a friend purchase it for you?

should get an account with a local credit union in the states, they are traditionally community based banks,
not like the giant overlord bastards trying to put you in debt.

from the credit union you can get a secure card or checking account, that you put monies into.
unsecured credit cards usually work on 28 day cycles, sometimes as high as 30, and I’ve read sometimes as low as 25 so in some cases they actually get to bill you 13+ times a year and collect that extra % from you, because it is somehow “allowed” however the 28 day cycle is most common. something about women periods or the moon, or just money, fuck that was tangent.
but yeh, credit unions are good for the people.
the idea for credit unions seem to have come from this:

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