Stupid Question:how To Loop Sample In Sample Editor?

I just want to play the loop in the sample editor continously (looping) so i can hear if the loop is perfect…
is there a way to do this?
I have tried setting a loop start and end… and selecting the loop area… but when i press enter it only plays once.

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okay nevermind.

all i need to do is press any qwerty key, instead of enter… duh.


how come it doesn’t start at the Start point of the loop when i press qwerty now?
I have the loop selected with cmd+L … (with a ‘s’ and ‘e’ at the beginning and end of the loop)…
but it will only start at the start point after the first looping is finished… (it will start from the beginning of the whole sample!) and then only after the first cycle it will start at ‘s’.

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if you want the sample to start at another position…then simply cut it to that position…

the whole point of the start and end markers are to indicate the start and end points of the loop, which is classified AFTER the original “one-shot” play through.

If you click on a input box when holding the qwerty key and press enter it will loop indefinitely. It’s a more convenient way to mark the loop and lets you focus on the sound instead of holding the key.

I’m aware about being able to cut to any position…

but i want to continously play the supposed loop that I marked and keep adjusting it until its perfect.
that should be the real purpose of marking a loop start and end, right?

and its kinda a pain to have to listen to the whole sample first, when the loop im trying to fine tune is later along in the song…


I’m not sure I know what you mean by “input box”?

Just click on a box where you can put in a value, lets say volume or panning. Since it disregards letters it wont react on your input but the sample keeps on playing.

oh. I was talking about the sample editor, but you are referring to the pattern editor?

thanks anyway.

oh well it was a silly school assignment (“cratedigging”) where we had to rip samples from other songs.
And being lazy, i just wanted to rip long loops and so waiting for the loop to start at the specified start point after the first initial playback was tedious.

But if i wanted to rip a small loop from a song, i’m sure i could just trim a section with the approximate start and end points… and work from there… Im sure it wouldn’t be much of a hassle or wait, if working with small loops.anyways ripping samples is something i will rarely to outside of this “assignment”.
I appreciate the replies.