Stupid Question

How can I easily switch the pattern I am working on?
Mouse clicking does not work, I always have to switch the focus to the pattern sequencer, and then use the arrow keys to navigate to a certain pattern I want to edit in the pattern editor.
Is there an easier way? (There must be, I guess).


You need to check out the keyboard shortcuts. These are the ones you’re looking for:

CTRL/Command + Up/Down (navigate up/down in the the pattern sequence)
CTRL/Command + Left/right (increase/decrease current pattern number)

Check out Preferences -> Keys -> “Print”. There are MANY useful shortcuts in Renoise.

edit: not sure if that was what you really wanted to know

better than this, there is also a way to set up these shortcuts globally, id est: not needing to have the cursor focus on the pattern editor.

these global shortcuts, unassigned by default, can be found into:
Edit => Preferences => Keys => Global => Transport => Go to Previous Pattern in Sequencer
Edit => Preferences => Keys => Global => Transport => Go to Next Pattern in Sequencer

I have assigned them to the same as the pattern editor ones

thx for the tips

Of course! I should read the manual before asking stupid questions :slight_smile: