Stupid Question

i want to do any notes insertion offset. it is possible? how? ))


I don’t understand.

Edit step?

Note delay?

Set Meta Value Tool?

More info please.

I want to insert some notes in the pattern and displace another notes

can you provide a screenshot of before & after behaviour so we know what you’re after?




d-2 <— insert note

с-4| <— this notes going down


mmm, i wouldn’t mind having that for paste too (“insert paste”)

i hope undertand to. yeap

its possible?

afaik, currently if you input a note via the keyboard, it will go to whichever notecolumn you are on, and then editstep will be applied. so far it would seem that you need to do an “insert row” at editstep set to 0, and then write the note in. this isn’t natively in renoise, and while it MIGHT be scriptable (somehow, i have no idea how, maybe with a gui that has buttons for specific notes, a midicontrollable gui which inserts a note, runs a function, etc) - it would be extremely clunky.

– as an aside, insert-paste could be possible via scripting, but very clunky (there’s no “copy to clipboard” functionality in the API yet. it would have grave limitations (only able to read the selected rows from the current pattern, instead of pasting from clipboard)

strange. I have insert pattern , insert sample , but dont have insert in the line. ))) very beauty. hahahahhaha

Esaruoho thnx for support )

insert with paste note.

It would be lush to have these kinds of features, sure. so a pre-editstep insert-step kinda thing.

pressing the insert key on your keyboard will insert one empty space in the current column and push everything below it down one row. i guess it would be nice if the key toggled between insert/over-type modes like it normally does. but i find renoise’s behavior gets you by and causes less editing accidents. for me, anyway.