Stuttering When I Try To Record In Soundforge And Play In Renoise At T

I like to frequently make little previews of the track I am currently working on, along with a brief voice introduction or commentary during the song, it is particularly useful if I am doing a co-op song with someone. ("Man these hihats suck here, I’m gonna change this part eventually :P )…The easiest way has been to have Soundforge set to record the M-audio’s mixer, so it picks up the microphone input and also the output from Renoise. Then I can talk and have Renoise play at the same time.

The problem is that it stutters a lot, not while I am recording, but on the .wav playback. It’s almost like it randomly skips small parts of the audio, a lot. It’s really annoying.

Anyone know what is going on here or how to fix it?

Alternately I was thinking of recording the entire M-audio’s mixer output onto a different soundcard. Is there some weird virtual cable routing way or program that would do this easily without me having to actually hook a cable between the two? (I mean I guess I will hook a cable if I have to…)

This is soundforge 8, Renoise 1.91 and 2.0 betas, Windows xp, m-audio delta 44.

Thanks for any help/advice ;)

Are the tracks CPU-heavy? Have you experimented with either using ASIO or Directsound in Renoise?

Not really very cpu heavy. From what I can remember it’s stuttered even when usage is only 20-30%.

It stutters when I have it on ASIO, I will try Directsound tonight!

Speaking of CPU usage, I have a core 2 duo but I can’t figure out how to get Renoise to use both cores. What gives? It’s windows xp 32 bit

Yeah baby! Outputting Renoise to directsound completely fixed the problem. Thanks junoir!!!