Stylus Rmx And Renoise

the drag&drops from RMX works, the only thing is that it creates a new song with one track containing the dropped information (notes for rmx), of course creating a new song delete all instruments in the process so i have to reload rmx and recheck the correct parameters.

if it could only add to a new track n the current pattern that would be great ! rmx and renoise makes a really nice combo.

maybe something to do with midi export (is that what drag&drop is?) creating a new track in a new song instead of a new track in the current song ?

according to rmx docs,

This area of the Browser allows dragging and dropping a MIDI file to the host MIDI track if the host supports Drag and Drop.
(that’s probably why it loads as a new song)
If your host doesn’t support drag and drop directly to a track, you can alternatively drag the MIDI file to the desktop and then import it into the host from that location.
(doesn’t change much, it’s still considered a new song if i want to load it)
To drag a MIDI file to a sequencer MIDI track, click-hold on the MIDI File Name Window and then drag the MIDI file directly onto a MIDI track that is routed to control Stylus RMX on the corresponding MIDI Channel.

i start up another instance of renoise for that kind of stuff, and then copy paste the track data, alto it’s a bit annoying to set the right preset on the other renoise later… but anyway, it’s a workaround for now i guess

yeh i figured that out but it’s not worthy of renoise !
rmx drag&drop is really perfect for a tracker, need to make it work in renoise :)

There are more VST plugins that allow drag and drop MIDI templates into a song, like Addictive Drums.
I’ve already displayed a demo animation for the dev-forum to look into it.
Currently Drag&Drop is only expected from the OS its file-browser to Renoise and not from plugins to their host, but the plugins use the same “from file browser to application” method to allow adding snippets into existing songs.

BEcause the dropped files are actually .MID documents, Renoise uses the Import routines and assumes you attempt to import a MIDI song. This is why you don’t get what you actually expect.

so it’s being worked on ? great ! :)

I did not stated there is being worked on, i only emphasized this to their attention.
It is not top of the list priority.

aaah, 2bad, drums vst are perfect for trackers with drag&drop support :P

+1 for this feature.

I own LinPlug RMV DrumSynth and it’s the same there. Every serious DAW supports this feature.
Shouldn’t be too difficult to be implemented, but a huge improvement.

I use LinPlug RMV. When I drag’n drop a loop from RMV to Renoise, then copy-paste it back into Renoise, it does not work well. What I get is a series of notes in increasing order: c1, c#1, d1, … which does not sound like the original loop.

Any clue about this issue?

Thanks :D.

That’s what the midi files are supposed to look like I believe. At least that’s what they look like in Logic when dropped from RMX. The .mid files then have to trigger the original pattern in RMX. Maybe the same in RMV?

is it really that hard to manually enter those notes into the tracker? who knows, you even might end up making something different/creative besides just pasting in the predefined loop :blush: