Stylus Rmx Will Work In 1.5?

StylusRMX is a really really powerful VSTi and I’d like to have it in my Renoise…

But I have a doubt: will it work in Renoise??

I ask this question because I watched this video

StylusRMX is 8 parts multitimbral… You load grooves into the 8 channels, apply fx, do your adjustments and when you are satisfied by the sound, have to drag and drop the midi files in the sequencer (in the video Persing uses Logic). Would this be possible in Renoise?? Or, is there a workaround to take advantage from this feature??

How do you reproduce this?? I mean… Do you manage to play more than one groove in different tracks (or in the same) using one Stylus RMX instance only??

Please tell me how…

You create an alias of the VSTI in another instrument slot, in there you change the channel-number that plays the next groove you want to add.

But remember that aliasses all play on one track only (even though you can split your alias instruments to use in multiple tracks) and only the DSP effects and automation of the vsti’s leading track apply (Either the host/master vsti or the pattern-track in which the first note of any alias plays will be leading (if only aliasses are used)

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Sorry… I don’t understand… How can you do this?? I’m not so trained with aliases techniques…


Pick an instrument slot (e.g. 00) and select a VSTI

Now just set whatever is required in the VSTI editor to get your multitimbral instruments to different channels.

To use the other instruments (set to different channels), pick another instrument slot (e.g. 01) and select the newly added alias from the VSTI list:

Select the channel in the VSTI properties that contains the instrument you want to set in this particular Renoise instrument slot:

Now you’re done.

Try to see if it plays.

Full example can be found here:…enoise/UsingVST

Thanx so much… Now I got it…

Will this technique work for Stylus RMX’s chaos generator too?

anybody knows a way how to find the controller I’m lookinf to automate with the vsti automate device…

stylus remix works great… but it has over 10000 automatable parameters of which the majority is unnamed :blink:

I already asked this question in another topic btw… but it doesn’t seem to answer my question so i though i sould try it here also…