Stylus Rmx With Renoise?

Anyone figure out a way to get Stylus RMX to work in renoise without two instances? Even if I cut and paste it doesn’t work.

Yes, same problem here. I can’t get the pattern directly into renoise. What i do is writing the sample and work from there in renoise.

so with “getting Stylus RMX to work” you are relating to the midi drag&drop functionality of the plugin, right?
took me a while to figure that out, especially because i’m using stylus rmx frequently since years and have never had any problems.
and i never felt the urge to use that midi feature, because it’s so simple to make your own grooves with the slices or, if you really want to, replicate the sequence 1:1. (lame! ;))

the midi drag&drop feature is still usable with a workaround however:

  1. save the song you’re currently working on (the one in which you plan to drop the midi sequence / pattern).
  2. drag&drop from stylus into the pattern editor
    => renoise will create a new song with the respective note data in the pattern as received from the plugin.
  3. block copy the pattern data.
  4. load your song again.
  5. paste the data from the clipboard buffer to the track of your desire.
  6. adjust the instrument reference of the note data so that it’s matching the number of the stylus instance in your instrument list. (-> advanced edit)
  7. expand the note data if required so that it matches your LPB setting (-> advanced edit)
  8. bon appetit

Could also start up a new instance of renoise.
Then drag/drop to that one. And copy/paste back to first renoise.

You can forget step 1 and 4 if you open another Renoise session and drag & drop the midi data in the other Renoise session.

Edit:Pysj was ahead of me :P



Well, currently, there is no easier way than with two instances.
I wish the MIDI snippets drag and drop could be solved differently instead of being interpreted as a .MID song.
I think it would be better if Renoise offers you a choice what to do with the .MID data before it starts to import it as a song right away.