Sub Bass In Renoise

i guess there’s quite a few guys here producing dance music styles with sub bass…

what’s your fave method of getting it? do you loop a sine-wave or load in a long 808-bassdrum? either way is good huh?

With a swift pitch bend down in the attack. Armed with a looped sine wave, you can simulate this with renoise’s pitch envelope.

samples + vst

Hey this is much better…

Just generate a long sine wave in Sound Forge…

60hz is good, or you can choose what you want…

Make it about 15 seconds long, save it nice and high quality and load it into Renoise.


… or save yourself several wasted megabytes and simply generate 1 full cycle of the sinewave, then loop that tiny sample in Renoise to get exactly the same end result. :)

Something like this for example: (2.41 KB)


Yes indeed, I’ve got quite a library of single-cycle instruments growing here.

try fruity freefilter (vst) with highpass and 47 hz with 2 || symbols or more on resonance for kick and bassline.