Sub-Track Arrowkey Selection

It is scriptable, but we need to consider some clever shortcut key to mask these separate fields easily… i guess we should then only mask fields that are currently inseparatable like note/ins and make a copy/paste script that has its own set of shortcuts to copy / paste the masked options.

We have that already, in advanced edit? Well, for stuff like volume and panning column etc., obviously not for something like “copy the last column of digits of effect row 3 to the first column of digits in the panning column”. That can be scripted, true… but it still wouldn’t be half as nice as “simply” having finer grained selection and applying all the usual commands on them.

Yes, but none of them are assignable to shortcuts. Look the cursor you can already move with the arrow-keys, having one shortcut to simply toggle note or instrument number and then use two different shortcuts to copy/paste the info already gives you the advantage of copying this stuff without even touching your mouse or using advanced edit at all.
If the script adapts itself to the selected area, track or pattern by e.g. making a combo with the F3, F4, F5 keys (but then a different combo) you have already the first advanced edit short-cut combination that has also been requested by lots.

True, and also, it really helps to have a visual representation of what you’re doing in that fine-grained mode - instead of seeing the entire width of the track highlighted, just seeing the actual data you’ve selected highlighted gives you the confidence to work very fast knowing that you’re copying what you think you’re copying and you’re pasting what you think you’re pasting :)

But with regard to the wider point of Advanced Edit, which contains loads of useful stuff; yeah, as much stuff as possible should be shortcuttable. Including an option to switch between the current pattern-selection mode and the proposed fine-grained mode :w00t:

Bumpy! Any plans to implement this, or something like it, in time for the 2.6 final release?

Could somebody please fix this? It’s total bullshit that I still have to waste my time twatting about with submenus and tickboxes to perform a REALLY SIMPLE FUNCTION that most other trackers have let me perform in nanoseconds for TWENTY YEARS.

I’m a professional musician trying to make a living; I don’t have time to research and then write a tool for this. If it were any other issue, or some fancy, weird-ass feature request, I’d tell the plaintiff to sod off and learn LUA but this is really, really, really, really, really fundamental stuff.

Imagine if you bought a car and then realised that there were no indicator controls - you had to open the engine compartment and hook up a jump-lead from the battery terminal to the indicator bulb whenever you wanted to make a turn. That’s sort of how I feel. I record a pattern of modwheel automation, want to make a few quick fixes, then by the time I’ve dicked around in that stupid menu I’ve lost my train of thought and flung faeces at the wall in anger. That’s not an emotion I like to associate with Renoise :(

dude, everybody who read this thread understands you want this feature really bad, as you made your point in various ways already (repetitions, bold text, large type, bumps, shouts, etc.) you should be happy with the support you get, and even people remarking that Taktik spoke about implementing this. your request is further than most i suppose in being considered for development. right now you should just learn to live with the way things are and be patient. i understand you paid for a piece of software, but you bought it as it was when you did, and it did not have this functionality. that’s bummer, but that’s it. no matter how much more you try to get attention for this, there is no chance in hell it will help in any way, and will make taktik appear saying ‘syphus, i personally garantuee we will make this our priority thing to work on and it will be in the next release for sure’.

lots of people have been living and working without this feature, as professional musicians as well, and have been making great music with it, so i’m sure you can get over it. certainly part of your professionality is being able to be creative with regard to the problems that inevitably arise in any project.

as said before, patience.

You’re right, of course; like a self-harming teenager, I just needed some human reaction to my anguish and you provided it - thanks!

no problem man! and of course, +1 for your suggestion, because you are totally right. :)

+1 :rolleyes:

everything that improves the workflow will make my day

+1 from me too. This is badly needed.

  • 1 for me to.
    I understand your thought process Syphus, and with a laptop keyboard and mousepad in the mix this would definitely help in sorting out a comfortable workflow…

EDIT… just saw the continued thread on this sorry…

completely agree with syphus, thanks for pushing this, in my opinion realy basic feature that almost every bleep tracker can do…

+1 from the bottom of my heart :)