Subfolders In Vst And Vsti Panels

Donno is it was discussed before, but i really miss this feature.
It’s ability to create Favourite folders in VST and in VSTi panels, and group (drag&drop?) frequently used plugins in them for quick access.

I found out a workaround.
Renamed all the needed vst’s, by adding a letter code to each favourite group.
For example all the EQ’s have a “EQ” code in name, all the compressors - “COMP” e.t.c.

Can someone help me: there are “rename/move” in renaming dialogue. I got how to Rename, bot how to Move and where to ??

See please


should do the job (:'s create groups).

OMG. Thanks for puting my nose stright to the manual! .)
I should be more attentive next time…